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Customer Reviews

Great product, style, colour and material compositions. Everything feels relevant and right about this brand and it's all local!

Dennis Fernandes

24 January 2023

Love the lightweight frames that fit me.. recycled plastic and money, how awesome

Penny Boon nee Croucamp

03 January 2023

I have both glasses and sunglasses, had them for 24hours love love love them

Josie Rigg

30 November 2022

Love the products! Love the concept and especially being able to swap out arms and frames into different colour combinations.

Pam Burgoyne

11 August 2022

I love my Dresden polarised sunnies. Best kayaking sunglasses ever! You can see the channels and submerged logs. They’re lightweight with no rustable parts & as they can’t be beaten on price, you don’t need to freak if you lose them.

Jamal Hudson

26 September 2017

One universal shape unlimited colourways.

Customise your frames with
modular parts to mix and match your mood.

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