DresdenGO Polarized vs. Non-Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized vs Non-Polarized Sunglasses
If you are a sunglasses lover or are looking to purchase a pair of sunglasses you have probably come across the term ‘polarized sunglasses’. You may have also seen a little ‘p’ letter on the lens of the sunglasses or noticed the sunglasses being described as polarized. The use of polarising sunglasses is to lower the glare that is reflected into your sunglasses lens by limiting the amount of light that enters your eyes and only allowing vertically reflected light to do so. 

Which is better polarized or non-polarized sunglasses?

Polarization makes a huge difference in your sunglasses. Polarized is a term that is used to describe how sunlight or light which comes from any other external source comes down and hits an object and reflects off of it, when that light comes down from something like the sun - it is coming in from every angle possible - horizontal, up and down, and vertical direction which creates a glare in your sight. Polarized filter glasses selectively neutralise this reflection and glare and which leaves you with the clearest vision possible. 

If you are someone who has sensitive eyes or is sensitive to light, then it is recommended that you use polarized sunglasses rather than non-polarized sunglasses. Those who struggle with migraines should also consider wearing polarized sunglasses as non-polarized sunglasses can cause wearers to squint in order to see more clearly which causes straining on your eyes, thus triggering a migraine. If you are also someone who drives a lot in the day and have noticed the reflective glare on wet roads, or glare reflecting off from your windshield then polarized sunglasses will definitely help to filter out this reflective glare and give you clear vision. Having a clear vision while driving is particularly important to ensure your and others' safety, if the glare that you see while driving is distracting or disturbing to you then polarized sunglasses are worth the investment. In another particular case, those who spend a lot of time fishing, or time with water, for example, should also consider polarized sunglasses. When looking into a large body of water, you will see a lot of light which is reflected from the sky which disrupts the clarity in the water. Wearing polarized sunglasses will eliminate that glare and allow you to see directly into the water 

Although there are many cases where wearing polarized sunglasses is the best option in order to see clearly, there are also scenarios where polarized sunglasses should not be your choice of sunglasses. For example, those who will be wearing their sunglasses while looking into screens and dials should not wear polarized sunglasses, this is because usually a lot of screens already come built with a polarized screen - this means that if you are going to look into these screens which are already polarized with polarized sunglasses then the lens and the screen will bounce off of each other which will leave them with a dark vision. This can be particularly dangerous for pilots, and ship captains - anyone who works with loads of buttons and screens, so if you are someone who does, then it is best to not wear polarized sunglasses while being in these conditions.

Is it OK to wear non-Polarized sunglasses?
Non-polarized sunglasses will give you basic protection from the sun and UV rays, the level of protection compared to polarized sunglasses are vastly low so although non-polarized sunglasses may seem sufficient enough at that moment, over time you will notice that your non-polarized sunglasses are causing your eyes to strain as they do not block reflected light which contributes to headaches and even trigger major migraines for some. Although, it is worth noting that those who work with digital screens should not be wearing polarized sunglasses because screens already come with a polarized filter, so wearing polarized sunglasses will block each other out which will leave wearers with dark vision, this can be especially dangerous for pilots. 

Is it worth getting Polarized sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses will give you the same protection from UV that regular sunglasses do. 

However, they do cost more than regular sunglasses so If you are someone who prioritises just protection and not clarity then polarized sunglasses may not be worth buying for you, although if you want to have protection and clear vision is also something that is important to you then polarized sunglasses would be worth investing into. 

DresdenGO Polarized vs. Non-Polarized Sunglasses

February 24, 2023