Our Story

Eyewear for a new world - Lets GO!

We started in a tiny storage unit in Newtown, Sydney. A group of Aussies from different walks, with one thing in common. We saw a conundrum with a basic, essential item that everybody needs. Glasses are expensive and over-complicated. They’ve become a precious fashion ‘commodity’ when they should be as ubiquitous and utilitarian as a toothbrush. Our little start-up Dresden Vision created a solution, and now our glasses can be found all over the globe. We’ve made prescription glasses accessible, ultra-durable, and customisable. Most importantly, they don’t cost the earth. But our world is changing at a supersonic pace. Beyond prescription glasses, our eyes need protection from modern and emergent conditions. We’re living with radical climate change, digitisation and screen culture being the universal experience. Enter DresdenGO. Our new range of essential protective eyewear is designed to take on next generation vision, and we’re just getting started.

Sustainable Materials
+ Ethical Manufacturing.

We’re committed to making eyewear sustainable, with environmentally responsible and ethical manufacturing. Our frames are designed, manufactured and assembled in Sydney, Australia. We use 100% recyclable or recycled materials, and no metal parts means less CO2 emissions.

Sustainable Materials Ethical Manufacturing
Closing the loop, toward zero waste.

Closing the loop,
toward zero waste.

DresdenGO classic black frames are made from 100% recycled waste from our own manufacturing practices. We collect seconds, factory off-cuts and post-consumer frames that have been returned to Dresden Vision. These plastics are pelletised and repurposed into brand new glasses.

Built to last,
guaranteed for 10 years.

Ultra light-weight and designed for long wear comfort, our new frames are durable and adaptable to any climate or condition. Made to be worn everyday, they’re so tough they come with a 10 year frame warranty.

Built to last, guaranteed for 10 years
Universal shape with unlimited possibilities.

Universal shape with
unlimited possibilities.

Reject fast fashion with one all inclusive shape in a range of sizes, colours and materials - frames to suit every face and mood. Customise your frames with modular spare parts to embrace your individuality while defying unsustainable trends.